Non Surgical Face Lift London – 10 Minute Facelift

A 10 Minute Facelift – The New Non Surgical Facelift in London

The NEW No Surgery Facelift that has been created by one of the BEST non surgical face lift Doctor in London that is a non-invasive answer to going under the knife for your face lift.

This state of the art beauty treatment has been created by one of the top and most recommended doctors in London for non surgical face-lift procedure. The 10 Minute Facelift is the non-invasive answer to going under the knife and achieving great results that mirror surgical face lift procedure without the down side that surgery has. The No Surgery 10 Minute Facelift London Clinic uses injections of man-made chemicals called biphasic Tricalcium phosphates (BTCPs) to restructure the jowls by encouraging the skin to produce collagen, which is the connective tissue that keeps skin naturally taut when young.

The 10 min facelift is created by top French dermatologist Doctor that is based in London UK, and is the non-invasive answer to going under the knife being a non surgical face lift. Using BTCPs which are commonly used in porcelain and dental powders, and medically as antacids or calcium supplements, they come as micro-particles suspended in a hyaluronic acid gel for the face-lift. With Calcium Hydroxylapatite the injections can deliver real results that literally fight against sagging facial skin.

You can see the difference immediately after the procedure, and you will immediately get a taut chin and a more tight face shaped with the real improvement being the marked increase in collagen fibers and the noticeably better elasticity of your face skin. The success of the treatment has been featured worldwide and in numerous publications such as; Paris Match, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Brides & Tatler magazine and more.

Before and After Pictures of The 10 Minute Facelift

10 Minute Facelift London

Finding The Best Non Surgical Face Lift London Dermatologist Clinic

The 10 minute no surgery face lift is entirely biodegradable and is made up of microspheres suspended in a gel, and is very effective in restoring the volume of the chin and cheekbones, correcting deep Nasogenian grooves and smoothing bony, wrinkled hands. You will notice immediately after the injections are performed the skin becomes smooth and radiant and over the following eight weeks the product constructs itself a matrix beneath the skin on which grows a fibre rich biological tissue.

The effects of the 10min facelift last from 10 to 15 months. To book an appointment with the top no surgery facelift London clinic, just fill out the online form and the clinic itself will contact you directly to arrange a face-lift consultation.

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