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 TCA EasyPeel Treatment

TCA Easy Chemical Peel

Skin is the largest organ of your body. Over the years, exposure to the sun, wind and other factors can take a toll on your skin. Many facial peel treatment options are designed to accelerate the removal of old dead cells at the surface of the skin, bringing forth the softer, smoother skin below. Peel treatments are very gentle.

There are several types of Chemical Peel, each using different chemicals and fruit acids. Light and medium depth peels use TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) Peel. The gentler alternative is available in the form of a Glycolic Acid Peel.

How does the TCA EasyPeel work?

The TCA peel works by causing sloughing or removal of the upper layers of skin. By removing the upper layers of skin, the overall skin texture is dramatically smoothed, superficial wrinkles are quickly eliminated and colour irregularities are improved. It has been used for many years to treat facial wrinkles, age spots, pigment abnormalities, and other superficial skin problems such as sun damaged skin. TCA EasyPeel can also be applied to the skin of the hands. The TCA Peel is one of the most innovative ways to easily and optimally rejuvenate the skin using a special based formulation.

The TCA EasyPeel Treatment

There is no need for any skin preparation when using Easy (TCA) Peel and it can be applied directly on top of makeup, although it is advisable to clean the skin beforehand.

When TCA is applied to the skin, it causes the top layers of cells to dry up and peel off over a period of several days. When the old skin has peeled off, it exposes a new layer of undamaged skin which has a smoother texture and more even colour.

Treatment is administered in a single session, of around 15 – 30 minutes duration. After applying the Easy (TCA) Peel to the skin the patient will experience some mild heat or irritation. This shows the product is working. The practitioner will be looking for the first visible signs of “frosting” after which they will apply a post peel cream, which will immediately stop the irritation. After approximately 30 minutes to one hour the skin will feel more taut and healthy. There is no need for sedation or anaesthesia during the treatment.

More than one TCA peel may be needed to achieve the desired result. This will be decided during your consultation with a treatment doctor.


Your skin will tend to flake after 3 – 5 days and any dry flakes should be removed gently with tweezers. Not all patients shed skin in the same way, as all patients are different. Rest assured you will not shed your skin completely like a snake! When you do start to peel, do not rub the skin harshly or use exfoliant products.

After having a TCA peel your new skin will be sensitive to sunlight for at least 6-8 weeks afterwards. During this time it is very important to protect the new skin with sunscreens, hats and the avoidance of strong sunlight.

How soon can I resume my normal outdoor activities?

Anyone who has had a TCA peel is more sensitive to sunlight for at least 6-8 weeks after their peel. During this time you must use an SPF30 cream to protect the skin. Otherwise you can carry on with normal activities and most people show no outward signs that they are undergoing a course of skin peels.

Can TCA peels be performed on other areas of the body besides the face?

Most people have similar aging and sun damage changes on the neck, chest and hands as are present on the face. Fortunately, TCA peels can be performed successfully on these other non-facial areas as well.

Is TCA EasyPeel The Only Treatment Option Available?

Medical technology actually offers a number of treatment options to revitalise and renew damaged skin. Many treatment options are designed to accelerate the removal of old dead cells at the surface of the skin, bringing forth the softer, smoother skin below. Some treatments are very slow and mild, while some are faster and more aggressive.

You may consider combining your TCA EasyPeel treatment with Microdermabrasion, or even IPL Photo-rejuvenation. The doctor will be able to advise you of your treatment options and produce an individual treatment programme to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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